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Question for women in business:

What if there was an easier way to attract 100´s of ready-to-buy clients effortlessly & repeatedly without posting on social medias all the time?

There is. You just haven’t learnt how yet.  

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"I now make money and get people on my email list – even when I’m on vacation."

Smilla Lynggaard

– Family Counsellor & Author

There are thousands of clients looking for YOU right this moment.

You know you need to show up, so they can find you.

But how do you do it?

That’s the million dollar question.

Maybe you’ve already tried:

❌ Creating daily content for Instagram in the hope of gaining new followers or going viral (but the results didn’t match the effort you put into it) 

❌ Sliding into the DMs to make offers to strangers (but it didn’t feel aligned to you) 

❌ Building a fancy website (but no one is visiting it and you’re still not fully booked)


Good news: 

It doesn’t have to be this hard!


I do none of those things … and still make multiple six figures in my business. 

And I’ve helped thousands of clients do the same.

Here’s why the conventional approach to online marketing is NOT working for you:

  1. You see a successful business owner killing it with their online business
  2. You get inspired by what they’re doing and decide you want to try that for yourself
  3. You sign up for their magic program that lays out their entire marketing strategy … only to find out that their way of doing business doesn’t really work for you. No matter how hard you try. 
  4. You feel disappointed and start questioning everyone and everything: Am I just not smart enough? Was I delusional? Was this all just a scam? 
  5. You get yourself back into the game and move on to the next trending *thing*  

And so the cycle continues …

If this sounds familiar to you, lean in, because I’m about to spill the beans:

There’s NOTHING wrong with the strategies you’ve learned so far.

And there’s also NOTHING wrong with you. 

But there IS a reason why the things you’ve been trying haven't worked for you. Yet. 

Let me explain …

Business strategies are like clothing.

Just because it looks dang good on your friend doesn’t mean it will be a good fit for you. 


We all come in different sizes, shapes and forms. And we all have different preferences and needs. Our clothes have to fit our body type and needs. Not the other way around. 

The same goes for the strategies we implement in our business, including the methods we use to attract clients.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about this.

We try to fit into a size 8, when our body is really built for a size 10. 

Afterwards we shame ourselves for being “too big”. 

But there’s nothing wrong with you. You just got the wrong size. No biggie.

If you haven’t (yet) cracked the code for attracting soulmate clients in a way that feels GOOD to you, it’s not because you’re “not capable” or “not deserving” of great success. 

You just haven’t found a strategy that actually works for YOU!

I’ve spent the past 10 years building several multiple six-figure online business, both for myself and for my clients – while also lovingly caring for my family of 1 husband, 2 pets and 4 kids, one of them with special needs ❤️ 


I know all the marketing strategies.

All the business systems.

And all the pitfalls.


And here’s what I’ve learned over the years:

There’s no magic blueprint for building a massively successful business that’ll fit every client of mine.

We need to let go of the romantic dream that someone outside of us has all the answers and knows what we should do, and instead tune into ourselves to find the right answer.

That’s why I insist on using Human Design and other awareness tools to selectively tailor the perfect client attraction strategy for each of my clients, including you if you decide to join forces with me.

Because when you feel confident in your marketing, you shine.

And when you shine, you become magnetic to your ideal clients.

Yes, you need to understand the basic strategies and the universal energetics in business. But not so you can copy-paste my strategy or someone else’s. 

My mission is to provide you with the toolbox and help you select the best tools for you to build your own soul-aligned client attraction strategy.

If you’re ready to ditch the conventional approach to online marketing and start attracting clients from your heart and soul, I invite you to join me inside

The complete program that teaches you how to attract ready-to-buy dream clients

using proven and authentic online marketing, to automate your client attraction, so you can use your time on all the things you love


Client Attractor is the combination of authenticity and business strategy, you have been searching for...

Teach me how to become a Client Attractor

You’re in for a treat.

Here’s your complete roadmap to becoming a magnetic Client Attractor:

Unleash Your Authentic Energy to Magnetically Attract Clients with Ease 

You’ll learn:

  • What personal magnetism is – and why it’s relevant for your business
  • How to ad authenticity to your client attraction strategy, so you can market yourself magnetically without burning out
  • How to navigate business from your intuition to create quantum leaps
  • How to stop your self-sabotaging patterns and transform them into expansion 
  • Why energy work and mindset is crucial for success, but not enough to build a wildly successful business


The ‘Call In Your Tribe’ Masterclass

You’ll learn:

  • My complete Client Attractor System and how you can use it as a foundation to build your own unique attraction blueprint 
  • Why the system works and how the psychology, energy, and online business strategy behind it work together, so you become a magnetic match for just the right clients
  • The law of attraction translated into simple and authentic marketing rituals
  • How my former clients used this system to attract clients while on vacation
  • The invisible mechanisms that really move the needle when it comes to attracting clients online (Hint: It’s NOT a glamorous picture perfect Instagram feed!)


How to Create your Soul Client Magnet

You’ll learn:

  • How to use generosity to invite soulmate clients into your community
  • How to pre-qualify clients so they’re already sold on you before you’ve even presented your offer to them
  • Why this is an evergreen strategy that never gets old 
  • How to choose the perfect gift to win your clients’ heart, trust and respect
  • What’s in a name? (Everything). Use this simple method to choose the right name for your Client Magnet
  • The simple invitation that will take your clients from freebie consumers to actual paying clients


How to Reach Thousands without Burning Out

You’ll learn:

  • Where clients come from (Over 10 different ways to a attract them)
  • How to choose the best client attraction strategy based on your unique Design
  • The best places (and most aligned channels) to find and meet your clients
  • How to know which channels are aligned with YOU
  • How to escape comparisonitis and start navigating from your intuition (this is the key to not burning out)


The Science of Soulful Automation

You’ll learn:

  • What tech you need to set up an automated client attraction system
  • The complete roadmap to convert curious souls into paying clients
  • What to write and say at each touchpoint of the journey 
  • How to make your client fall in love with you through a value sequence
  • How to sell to clients 24/7 – even when you’re asleep or enjoying time with the family


The Alchemy of High Vibe Meta Ads

You’ll learn:

  • Why ads are of service and not a dirty word
  • How to think about ads to make them work
  • Demystifying ads: What numbers to look for and what they mean
  • The anatomy of a high-converting authentic ad
  • What to write and what graphic to use
  • The most important ad you need to know about (use it and see your following explode)


The Energetics of Business and Life

You’ll learn:

  • Why you need to be aware of your precious mind and the vibrations of your energy
  • Rituals of abundance: How to become the energy that attracts high level clients
  • How to hold space for yourself as you evolve
  • How to let go of judgement so you can access your higher self
  • How to become the leader of your life and step into your inner Empress


Next Level Success (Advanced)

You’ll learn:

  • The next steps to take to prepare your business for exponential expansion
  • What it really takes to create an online empire (if you want to avoid the hustle)
  • Why each expansion level is important, and why it’s counterproductive to try and skip ahead
  • An exclusive invitation to work with me at a higher level. Only if you’re ready.


When you’ve completed these 8 modules, you’ll have your own UNIQUE roadmap to effortlessly attracting ready-to-buy dream clients


Join now for $995

Payment plans are available

Get instant access

Is it worth the investment?

It was for Savannah, Eveliina, Lene, Christina, and Anette:

“I have grown by over 100% over the last 2 years because I found a strategy that suits me and nurtures me. It has made all the difference. I now get to enjoy a multiple six figure business.”
– Savannah Sommer, Clearing Master

“In just a few months I’ve called 2,800 new people into my community. I have had many more customers, and so much feedback from customers that were surprised and excited!”
– Eveliina Dahl, Voice Healer

"As a newly-started entrepreneur, I was groping around in the dark in terms of my visibility. Mia gave me tools that I know work. I got so much more than what I paid for, and I am SO ready to be authentically visible.”
– Lene Olsen, Life and Self-worth Consultant

"With Mia’s help I set up ads to attract new customers. They quickly get a sense of whether the oils are for them or not, so when people contact me they are already ready to buy. It doesn’t get much better, does it?"
– Christine Eilvig, Scandinavian Founder, doTERRA

"Mia is much more than what I saw from the beginning. She has a deep understanding of business and strategy. And knows how to balance the feminine and the masculine. She’s the best mentor I've had so far. And I've had many.”
– Anette Kjaergaard, Mentor for Mothers of Children with Special Needs

Starting a business can feel tough.

Choosing to invest in it shouldn’t be.

If you’re on the fence, I want to give you every chance to try and implement Client Attractor, so you can experience the amazing joy, fulfilment and growth that attracting clients by your unique design will give you.

That’s why I’ve put together a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to immerse yourself in my teachings, get a feeling of whether my way of doing business resonates with you or not, and implement the strategies that fit your unique design.

This doesn't mean that you can expect the program to make you an overnight success in only 30 days. No program ever will.

Sustainable, long-term success is built through a long-term commitment to personal growth and serving your people no matter what.

Go through this program with an open mind, implement the teachings and most importantly: Take action.

I can guarantee that I - and my team of coaches - are 100% committed to helping YOU succeed and will go above and beyond to do so.

I can also guarantee that this program includes every step, lesson and tool you need to make this work.

Having said all of that, we do offer a 30-day refund policy so you can go through the content and if you show us your work and prove that it didn't work for you, we will refund your payment.

Our refund policy is as follows:

You must submit ALL of the following items with your request for a refund:

Completed course workbook & Course

Completed ALL lessons of the Modules

In order to be granted a full refund, you must submit all requirements via email to [email protected] within the 30-day refund period.

You are the creator of your own success. I’m here to guide you through your journey. And I believe in you!

If you’re thinking “It all sounds amazing, but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading… 


You should give Client Attractor a 30-day risk-free chance if you see yourself in any of the following:

✅ You’re a service provider, mentor, coach, healer, facilitator, author, speaker, reseller or network marketer – or you’re planning to launch a business related to one of these areas. 

✅ You’re either new to selling online and don't know how attract a stable stream of clients – or you have been in the business game for some time, but are burnt out by the conventional “work hard” methods and want an easier way to attract clients on autopilot. 

✅ You are a soul-led, spiritual entrepreneur who loves to help and serve other people. You resonate 100% with the message of attracting the right people rather than pushing people to buy something they don't really want. 

✅ You want an easy-to-follow blueprint that allows you to attract soulmate clients, consistently, without working your butt off. But at the same time, you also want this method to be flexible enough to adapt your lifestyle and preferences. 

✅ You are curious about using paid marketing to build your business and are willing to do the work needed to reap a bigger profits in the long term. (This is NOT a quick fix method, although it may feel a little too easy when all the pieces finally fall into place) 

✅ You have a deep desire to create a business that can support a lifestyle where you are FREE – both financially, creatively and spiritually. And you are willing to let go of limiting beliefs and change up your ways of doing things to make your dream come true.


A word of warning:

This program delivers. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be all rainbows and butterflies.

You’ve got to do the deep work to reap the fruits of it.


I’m here to help you expand. Not just as a woman in business, but as a person. And sometimes that expansion feels uncomfortable. I’m not gonna lie.


So please keep your money in the bank if:

​​❌ You're only looking for the next get rich quick scheme (Hint: it doesn't exist!)

❌ You’re NOT willing to get your hands dirty by learning how to use different software, even though it’ll make your life a lot easier in the long term 

​​❌ You insist that your way is the only right way – and are not open to looking at the process with curiosity

​​❌ You’re only in it for the money, and do not care about your clients and what they get out of what you’re selling 

​​❌  You take failures personally and are not willing to get over your own bullshit so you can serve your clients at your highest level

​​❌ You think that business is all about the strategy and are not open to spirituality and energy work

I don’t want to leave you without an answer.


Here’s what your fellow Client Attractors have been asking before they joined:

Didn’t find an answer to your question? 

You are more than welcome to send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you ready to say goodbye to forcefully hustling for each follower and sale



today, and learn:

  • How to market yourself authentically so client attraction becomes easy and fun

  • How to master client attraction and rely on a system that works for you – so you can become a magnet more-than-enough clients, money and freedom

  • How to support yourself  to release your limits, align yourself to your vision and become the powerful creator of easeful success
Get instant access now >>

Now $995

Payment plans are available

“My revenue has grown to 5-figure months. I am fully booked with the most amazing clients. And in general I’ve gained a totally abundant mindset. My highest self has taken the lead, and I’m going to contribute even BIGGER.”

– Marie Fogh Boegh

Personal Branding Photographer

Are you wondering why I give so much for just 995$? Maybe you are asking yourself, if it even works, when you have seen this formula being sold for thousands of dollars...


The truth is, I´m an intuitive and introvert. And I have cracked the code to sharing my business magic to thousands without compromising on who I am and what I love doing.

Because success is for everybody - it just doesn't look the same to everybody.

I truly want to help women like you make money and grow your business online.

For me to do my magic, I can only work with a few selected female entrepreneurs to be able to really be there for them, give them my full attention and help them expand their energy, business and impact.

Client Attractor is my way of contributing, and my way of teaching many people, so as many as possible gets the opportunity to live a life of abundance and make a true difference without feeling depleted.




Get access now >>

Now $995

Payment plans are available

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