Gaining Clarity Through Human Design

human design soulful success Jun 10, 2024

Gaining Clarity Through Human Design

In this blog, I want to dive into a topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately: clarity. Specifically, how we can gain clarity through the lens of Human Design. This subject fascinates me because it intertwines deeply with our personal growth and business journeys.


The Importance of Clarity

Clarity is essential for growth, whether in life or business. Without it, our vision blurs, making strategic steps hard to execute. I’ve found that many people, myself included, often grapple with finding clarity, especially when we're caught in the whirlwind of growth and transformation.

A friend recently shared her struggle with clarity, expressing how she often felt pulled in multiple directions. This conversation led me to explore how Human Design could shed light on why clarity eludes us and how we can harness it.


Human Design and Clarity

Human Design is a powerful tool that can help us understand our unique paths to clarity. By examining our Human Design charts, we can uncover how our individual definitions influence our clarity levels.


My Journey with Human Design

Human Design offers a unique perspective on how we process and gain clarity.

When I explored my Human Design and compared it with my family’s and client´s, I noticed distinct differences in how we each attain clarity. For example, I gain clarity quickly because my chart has a single channel from my root to my spleen. This means my clarity comes swiftly when the timing is right.


Understanding Definitions

In Human Design, "definition" refers to the areas in our chart where energy flows continuously. These are parts of ourselves that are fixed and reliable. Understanding your definition can illuminate why clarity comes easily or why it feels elusive.

For instance, someone with a triple split definition, like my son, has three separate areas where energy flows, requiring more time and different methods to gain clarity. He needs to talk through his emotions and process his environment extensively.

Contrast this with someone who has a single definition, where clarity might come more naturally and swiftly. Each type of definition requires a different approach to processing and achieving clarity.


Practical Steps to Gain Clarity

  1. Identify Your Definition: Pull up your Human Design chart and look for your definition. Is it single, split, triple split, or quadruple split? This will give you insight into your clarity process.
  2. Understand Your Centers: Each center in Human Design represents different types of energy and processes. Knowing which centers are defined in your chart helps you understand where your energy is concentrated and how it influences your clarity.
  3. Allow Time for Processing: If you have multiple definitions, give yourself the grace and time to process information fully. Rushing this process can lead to confusion rather than clarity.
  4. Follow Your Authority: In Human Design, your authority is your internal decision-making guide. Whether it’s emotional, sacral, splenic, or another type, trust this authority to guide you to clarity.


Applying This to Your Business

In business, clarity is the bedrock of strategic planning and execution. By understanding your Human Design, you can tailor your approach to decision-making, project planning, and even team dynamics. For example, if you’re a leader with a split definition, you might find collaborative brainstorming sessions more effective than solitary planning.



Gaining clarity is a journey unique to each of us. By leveraging Human Design, we can navigate this journey with more self-awareness and confidence. I encourage you to explore your Human Design chart, understand your definition, and embrace your unique path to clarity.

Feel free to share your insights and definitions in the comments. 


Until next time ⭐️

Warmly, Mia


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