Indulge in the nourishing drops of doTERRA's essential oils, a divine treat hand-picked for empresses such as yourself who are on a journey of expansive growth and need the best support possible.


Pure essential oils are highly potent, a sublime companion to your feminine inner work and your masculine strategic implementation. Each oil, unique in its own right, assists you in releasing energy blockages, enabling profound and harmonious growth in your chosen path. 

Let me introduce you to my favorite, hand-picked starter kits, each one meticulously chosen to give you the best possible support in your chosen area of growth:


For the empress, who yearns for visibility, but feels a pang of fear when stepping into the limelight. If you're daunted by the idea of going live, nervous about being seen, or hesitant to cultivate your social media following, this kit is your divine companion. 

The Shine Kit infuses your essence with courage, unearthing the hidden star within you, empowering you to gracefully spread your wings and illuminate the world with your brilliance. 

Step into the radiant light, like a rising star, and let your message resound through the universe.

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This is your elixir for authority and self-trust. If you find yourself lost in the wilderness of shiny object syndrome, trapped by comparasonitis, or overwhelmed by imposter syndrome, the Empowerment Kit is your beacon of strength. 

This kit offers an alchemical blend of oils that gently yet powerfully transmute fear and self-doubt into self-love and unwavering resilience. It shifts your frequency and vibrations, guiding you from a fleeting folklore to a timeless leader. 

Embrace the essence of this kit and let it remind you that while struggle may be a common narrative, it does not have to be your narrative.

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Meet the embodiment of Metabolic balance and empowerment! This kit is a celebration of self, a cheerleader for those carrying grand visions, yet feeling the fatigue of their physical vessel. If you have vast desires, but you find your focus dwindling, or if you find yourself getting easily exhausted, the Vitality Kit is your answer. 

This kit lifts the veil of energy-rollercoasters and invites you to bask in the glow of vitality. It brings out that abundance of energy and inner glow that already radiates within you, waiting for you to tap into. 

The Vitality Kit will support you in embodying the energetic, vibrant leader you are meant to be.

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Why introduce essential oils into your daily business practice?


Essential oils are so much more than a delightful fragrance. They are instrumental in returning your body to a state of balance, and a natural state of well-being and thriving. 

These oils speak directly to your cells, influencing your physical body, mind, and emotions with their natural biochemistry. They are gentle, yet wildly potent. 

Children, animals, and sensitive souls alike adore them and often perceive their effects more deeply than any chemically synthesized substance.

Nourish your essence and elevate your energy, by providing yourself with the best support any empress could ask for.

doTERRA is your guarantee of the highest quality

As an Empress building her online empire, only the best is good enough for you. You are not here to compromise, and neither is doTERRA.

doTERRA essential oils are your guarantee of the highest quality, the purest essence of nature, standing tall in a sea of misleading, synthetic mediocrity that, unfortunately, also floats around on the internet.

Each drop of doTERRA is a promise of purity, a testament to rigorous testing and sustainable sourcing, leaving a positive humanitarian footprint. Experience the power of nature, unadulterated and pristine, enhancing your divine journey towards growth.

Choosing doTERRA is choosing a commitment to excellence and a devotion to global wellbeing. Embrace the transformative potential of doTERRA's essential oils, the ultimate tool for your ascension into the soulful business realms.

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Unlock exclusive access to my ongoing essential oil community when you purchase your doTERRA essential oils through me


When you purchase your doTERRA essential oils through me, you'll become part of 'The Essential Journey', my exclusive community of uncompromising, soul-led women on a mission.*

You'll be granted unlimited access to my ever-evolving 'walk-in closet' library, filled with inspirational wisdom and teachings on how to integrate essential oils in your daily life, family life and business.

When launched, this is what you can look forward to:


  • Essential Oils Introduction E-book
  • The Shine protocol
  • The Empowerment protocol
  • The Vitality Protocol


*Conditions apply: Unfortunately, you cannot join my oil community if you have already registered to buy doTERRA's oils through another reseller.

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This is how you order your oils:

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Step by step:


Step 1: Choose Wellness Customer and enjoy 25 % off prices

Step 2: Choose a kit or create your own with one of my hand-picked oil protocols

Step 3: Create an account

Step 4: Insert my affiliate wellness advocate ID 7713129 (if applicable)

Step 5: Choose shipment

Step 6: Choose payment

Step 7: Review order 

Step 8: Complete order

I will get a notification of your purchase and send you an email with links to The Essential Journey learning platform.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out or book a private oil-consultation with me or one of my experts. 

Our email is: [email protected]


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Green Mandarin
















MetaPWR Breadlets 

MetaPWR Softgels

MetaPWR Assist

MetaPRW Advantage 

Life Long Vitality Trio



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