I would love to help you create a (multi) six figure business that serves the world, your customers, and most importantly: you and your family!

It is my greatest mission to guide and empower women entrepreneurs like to achieve true success – the kind that can be seen on the bottom line and felt in the heart.

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"Now both my husband and I are employed in the company."

When I started the program with Mia, I didn't have my business yet. I had started from scratch and was doing something completely different from what I had done before, so I didn't have a network or lists to rely on. For my first workshop, there were 50 registrations, and here we are 7 months later, both my husband and I are employed full-time in the company.

– Lotte Lova
Passions Mentor og Inspirator

(Former participant in one of Mia's programs)



"My highest self has taken the lead."

When I enrolled in The Soulful Empress, I struggled to find time for myself and my business. At the same time, I stressed over not having enough clients on my calendar.

Today, I am in a completely different place. There is balance everywhere. I love my family life and my work life!

I am fully booked with the most amazing clients. My revenue has gone from $2000 per month to $10000. And overall, I have developed a total abundant mindset. I have huge plans for the future!

My highest self has taken the lead, and together we are going out to make an even GREATER contribution.


– Marie Fogh Boegh,
Personal Branding Photographer

(Former participant in one of Mia's programs)



"We have tripled our profits."

"After working with Mia, we have gained 50% more participants in our education program, doubled our revenue, and tripled our profits, which are very tangible results."

- Rose Maimonide
Education Manager

(Former participant in one of Mia's programs)

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