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Business Expansion

My business expansion program is a 1:1 mentoring experience designed to elevate your business.

This program is perfect if you're seeking a business strategist and sparring partner to help you grow authentically, effortlessly, and efficiently.

I assist you in gaining clarity and taking aligned actions, ensuring results without the need to force through and work hard.

We focus on areas such as*:

  • Creating high-demand online products
  • Aligning your message and marketing with your authentic brand
  • Developing client attraction strategies that match your energy
  • Elevating your offers with a high-vibe sales approach
  • Readjusting your offers to align with your desired business presence
  • Scaling and expanding with automations 

My primary role is to recognize your potential and help you create strategies to grow your business where you don't have to compromise or need to be someone you're not to achieve the success you're destined for.

The investment for this 12-week intensive business mentoring is $6,000 + tax.

You'll receive bi-monthly 60-90 minute Zoom calls, 3 days of Voxer access, and access to training and templates as needed.

Who is this program a perfect match for:

  • You already have an online business, but want a confidential business mentor to see you and help you take the next steps in your business
  • Tech and ads are not a problem for you to set up, or you have a team to help you
  • You want more time freedom by automating and growing on autopilot and building sales funnels that work for you

If this program resonates with you, apply for the next open spot for a match call

*This program is uniquely tailored to you, ensuring your individual business goals are at the center of our time together. 



The Soul Path

My deepest and most transformational 1:1 container.

In this program, we combine an understanding of your essence through Human Design with Transformational work to move you to the next version of success.

Together, they help you create, anchor & unfold your unique path to success, crafted from ease and softness, not hustle and hard work.

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Understand, embody, and anchor your Human Design into your business
  • Understand how you create success
  • Release stuckness
  • Move from lack of clarity to confidence
  • Decondition the feeling of not-enoughness
  • Transform the energy of lack (of time, energy, and money) to key learnings and empowerment
  • Support yourself in soulful actions instead of holding yourself back
  • Step away from the addiction to the hard work and hustle mindset

We will work together in 12 intimate weeks to understand your Human Design, embody your authenticity, release your biggest blocks that hold you back from success on your terms.

This is a life-changing program that will call forth your essence and feminine force. You can trust me to be your support and confidante, the person who has your back and clearly sees your brilliance in every step of the transformational journey.


Your investment is $4,500 + tax for 12 weeks of transformational coaching.

We start with a Human Design session, where we deep dive into your souls blueprint. After this we transit into bi-monthly 60 min transformational coaching calls where we release blocks and take action totally aligned with your intention.

You also get 3 days of Voxer access and space-holding throughout the program.

If this program resonates with you, apply for the next open spot for a match call


You’re in the right place if you are looking for a gentle but powerful energetic container to birth the next version of you 🦋 

Let’s co-create a life with more than enough
time, energy and money!


I’m a Business Mentor, Transformational Coach & Human Design Reader for soul-led women entrepreneurs.

I’ve spent the past 10 years building online businesses to multiple 6-figure business – right here from my sofa – while also supporting a family of 4 children.

I’m not going to tell you it was easy, because that would be a lie. Building a successful business requires transformational work on all levels. It requires you to step into the highest version of yourself: The Soulful Empress.

But I am going to tell you that you don’t have to work your butt off or compromise precious time with your family or yourself or even try to be something you are not!

The journey starts by knowing your soul´s blueprint and authentic strenghts, honoring who you are and what really matters to you, and utilising both your powerhouse energy and aligned business strategies.

Client love

“Mia has a profound understanding of business and strategy. And knows how to balance the feminine and the masculine. She’s the best mentor I've had so far. And I've had many.”

– Anette Kjærgaard, Mentor for Mothers of Children with Special Needs

“When I signed up, I felt stressed, and I didn't have enough clients in my calendar. Today there is balance everywhere, and I am fully booked with the most wonderful clients. “ 

– Marie Fogh Boegh, Personal Branding Photographer

"I have automated part of my work, which means that I now make money and get people on my email list – even when I’m on vacation."

– Smilla Lynggaard, Family Counselor & Author

"Mia supports me in acting in alignment with myself. She can always see my next step, long before I can, but she will never tell me what to do. I get to take it at my pace and as I get ready myself.”

– Lotte Lova, Passion Mentor & Inspirator

“In just a few months I’ve called 2,800 new people into my community. I have had many more customers, and so much feedback from customers that were surprised and excited!”

– Eveliina Dahl, Voice Healer

"I have followed several other spiritual business mentors over the past few years, but none of them have been able to evoke my feminine energy in the same way as Mia.”

– Heidi Collin, Digital Management Advisor & Mentor

"As a newly-started entrepreneur, I was groping around in the dark in terms of my visibility. Mia gave me tools that I know work. I am SO ready to be authentically visible.”

– Lene Olsen, Life and Self-worth Consultant

"With Mia’s help I set up ads to attract new customers. They quickly get a sense of whether the oils are for them or not, so when people contact me they are already ready to buy."

– Christine Eilvig, Scandinavian Founder, doTERRA

"Now I act instead of procrastinating. I love Mia's ability to convey even complicated technical stuff in a way that’s easy to understand."

– Evely Joelle, Holistic Body Therapist & Numerologist

"I wasn’t sure I was ready, as I found myself in the middle of a turbulent time in my personal life. But it was self-development at its finest! I've loved letting Mia's voice pour wisdom into my ears.”

– Trine Lauritzen, Psychotherapist & Totum body therapist

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